Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Room With Infinite Views

An artist's studio is possibly the single most important aspect of creation for every artist. It's basically where we spend the majority of our time creating visual eye candy for our fans and followers... it's where the magic happens. Today I offer you a look inside my studio.

I've tried to create an environment that is conducive to my creative mood. A studio is a personal extension of every artist and should be both functional and comfortable. Personally, I feel the single most important aspect is organization. If a studio is cluttered and in a state of disarray, the artist can't truly focus (at least in my case) and becoming a successful working artist will be that much harder to achieve. My studio is set up to allow me to create both organic and computer art. Although I do all of my design work at the kitchen table, my studio is where I begin my preliminary designs and later finish them in Adobe Illustrator.

My studio is my sanctuary. It has everything it needs to keep me occupied and inspired with little or no distractions. With all of my favorite music loaded into iTunes... I just click play and let the art begin.